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About the Society



The Military Historical Society of Australia was founded in Melbourne in 1957.  Its aims are the encouragement and pursuit of study and research in military history, customs, traditions, dress, arms, equipment and kindred matters; the promotion of public interest and knowledge in these subjects, and the preservation of historical military objects with particular reference to the armed forces of Australia.

Society Patron

The Military Historical Society of Australia has appointed the following as Patron:

Society Patron:   Lieutenant-General Peter Leahy AO (Retd)


The Society is coordinated through a Federal Council located in Canberra with a number of state and regional branches .

Society Journal

The Federal Council is responsible for the publication of the Society Journal Sabretache, which is produced usually on a quarterly basis and is distributed to all members. 


You may join the society either as a corresponding member or become a member of one of the regional branches.  The benefits of joining are outlined in more detail on the Joining the Society page.

 For further enquiries relating to membership you can contact the Membership Officer by email: members@mhsa.org.au

Privacy Statement

The Military Historical Society of Australia takes its members privacy seriously. The Federal Secretary, who is responsible for the Societys membership register, keeps a record of all members name, address and contact details, year of joining and military interests. For Branch members, the relevant Branch secretaries also records some or all of this information. In order to ensure the proper working of the Society as well as future planning, member information may be exchanged between the Federal and Branch secretaries for use by Federal Council and Branch executives.

Where members have agreed, their details will be included on internal email/membership contact lists and the interests register. The Federal Secretary manages the lists and register. If members have not agreed to be included on these, their details will not be given to other members without their permission. Personal details on the register will not be provided to non-members (including individuals and organisations).

Details of members interests will, from time to time, be provided to the Sabretache editor to ensure the journal continues to remain relevant to members.

In addition to information collected and stored by Federal and Branch secretaries, the Sabretache editor maintains a register of author contact details.

No personal information will be disclosed to third parties without a members consent (written, email or verbal).

Research Enquiries

While the Society is happy to provide basic details of where to find information, it does not provide detailed research services to members of the public.  Federal Council has agreed that if a query could be answered with less than three hours work, a donation of $25 would be required  before any action would be taken. If it looked like more than three hours work, the enquirer would be referred to a professional research officer. The Society has some members who provide military research services, and these can be found in the Member Services section. The Australian War Memorial provides a list of research agents, which includes Society members.

If you have a research enquiry, please contact the  Research Coordinator



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