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Joining the Society


Membership options

The Society offers membership for both individuals and families (two or more domiciled at the one address). Family members have all the same rights, including voting rights, as individual members but only one subscription to the society journal Sabretache is included in the membership fee.  There are a number of membership categories: corresponding member, institutional member (for organisations) and branch member.

For further enquiries relating to membership you can contact the Membership Secretary by email: members@mhsa.org.au

Membership costs

Subscriptions for the 2017/18 membership year are:

Corresponding membership individuals $A35, families $A40, overseas $A45

Institutional membership $A40, overseas $A50

Branch membership: NOTE: Branches usually include a small additional surcharge in the subscription to cover local administrative costs.

Those interested in corresponding and institutional membership should contact the Membership Secretary members@mhsa.org.au

Those interested in joining Branches should contact the relevant Branch.  Contact details are provided on the Branches page.  These details as well as the current branch subscription rate are also provided on the appropriate membership application form which you can download/print from the Membership Application page.

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Society has a number of benefits.

'Sabretache' - The Journal and Proceedings of The Military Historical Society of Australia.

The Society's annual membership fee includes a subscription to Sabretache. The Journal and Proceedings of The Military Historical Society of Australia. The Society formed in 1957 and has been publishing Sabretache since 1958. Sabretache features a selection of articles which reflect the memberships broad research and collecting interests within the general field of Australian military history, as well as the military history of other nations; the popular long-running Around the Water Cart, book reviews and, on occasion, members notices and Letters to the Editor.

For more details on the journal and how to make contributions are included on the Journal page of this website.

Network of Branches

The Society has Branches based in Canberra, Maryborough, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne and Perth. Branch members enjoy the fellowship and networking opportunities of regular meetings and other activities as well as regular contact and, where available, news through their Branch newsletters.  Corresponding members and members from other Branches who are visiting are always welcome to attend Branch meetings. Just contact the relevant Branch Secretary for meeting details.  Some branches provide details of their meeting programmes on their Branch page.

The Society is always interested in expanding the Branch network and members interested in establishing a new Branch in their local area should contact the Federal Secretary

Corresponding Membership

Corresponding members are those who live too far away from a Branch or who, although they may live in a Branchs geographic catchment area choose not to join a Branch. They are administered by the Membership Secretary who is only too pleased to offer whatever assistance possible to maximise their participation in and enjoyment of Society life.  Other than Sabretache, the biennial conference, the Secretary's Econtact list, the MHSA mail list and the interests register are the main forms of intra-Society contact available to corresponding members.

The Society's Website

The Society's website offers information about Society and Branch activities as well as links to other military organisations. There is a Members Notices page where members can post military-related notice regarding events or research assistance, or anything military! Please contact the webmaster to add notices or links.

The Society's Biennial Conference

Another opportunity to network amongst society members at a national level, whether corresponding or branch members, is through the biennial national conferences, hosted in rotation by the regional branches.  In recent years, conferences have been held in Maryborough in Queensland and in the ACT.

As well as stimulating lectures from members and invited guests, conferences provide an excellent opportunity to network with members of like interests and the conference dinner features a significant key note speaker.

Interests Register

In 2011, for the first time in many years, the Federal Society compiled a register of members military interests/research pursuits which is distributed to members in order to facilitate contact, discussion, debate, learning and exchange of information and ideas between members of like interests and pursuits.  In addition, some members are able to offer assistance in specific areas of expertise, and these details are also included.

The register also provides guidance to Federal Council and the Sabretache Editor in their endeavours to satisfy the needs and wishes of members.

The interests register is opt-in and only distributed to members who have agreed to be included on it. It is not distributed to anyone outside of the Society. Updated registers are distributed regularly. Members who have not signed up for the register but would like to should contact the Federal Secretary.

Secretary's Econtact List

Members can also subscribe to the Federal Secretary's Econtact list. Other than Sabretache, this is the most effective method of regular communication across a broad range of members. This is an opt-in list where subscribers can receive notices of military or Society interest, participate in discussion and debate, seek research assistance from members or provide it to outside or member enquirers. Econtact list subscribers may also take advantage of exclusive member offers from select publishers.

Military-related Businesses and Services

Some of our members operate military-related businesses and services. Details of existing ones we have listed are on the Member Services page of the website. We are always looking to add to these so, if any member runs or is connected with a military-related business or service, and would like it included here for the information of members, please contact the Federal Secretary.

Membership Application

You can download/print the relevant membership application form from the Membership Application Forms page.


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