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Guidelines for Authors


Notes from the Editor on preparing and submitting contributions to "Sabretache"

The ideal medium for submissions is electronic ‑ preferably in Microsoft Word, although any of the common word processing applications in rtf format are acceptable ‑ on 3.5 inch IBM‑compatible floppy disc or CD accompanied by a hard copy. Please keep formatting to a minimum, as any formatting commands will have to be stripped and replaced. In particular, please use insetting and tabulation functions rather than inserting multiple spaces via the space bar. If footnotes are called for in your article, please make use of your word processor's inbuilt facility wherever possible. If you have no footnote function please remember that your Editor will have to enter footnotes manually.

If you are using a typewriter, please double‑space the text and leave at least 25min margins all round to make scanning easier. Military typescript style has long required an extra space after some punctuation. Sabretache is set in a justified proportionally‑spaced font (Times New Roman) and extra spaces after every full stop and comma can look odd. Your efforts in breaking an old typing habit will be appreciated.

If you have something to contribute, but have access to neither a computer nor a typewriter, then by all means submit in manuscript, bearing in mind that your Editor will have to enter it by hand ‑ clear handwriting and to‑the‑point writing style please.

Date style is dd mon yyyy "2 February 2002" without punctuation. Ranks, initials and decorations should be without full‑stops, eg, Capt B J R Brown MC MM.

Photographs and other illustrations are always welcome and we will make every effort to return them to contributors. However, things can go astray so good‑quality copies (or, even better, images scanned to a disc as high‑resolution JPEG files) are preferable.

 Articles should preferably be 2,000‑2,500 words (approx 4 typeset pages) or 5,000‑7,000 words (approx 10 typeset pages) for major features. While the Editorial Board cannot guarantee publication of any article, it is very happy to discuss article ideas particularly with first time contributors. Submissions should be three clear months ahead of publication date.

 The submission of any material to Sabretache automatically grants a one‑time licence to publish. The Society's policy is to infer a further licence to reprint or permit publication elsewhere unless the author (who retains copyright) specifically instructs otherwise.



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