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This page provides some useful links to other sites relating to military forces and military history. Details of these sites are provided for the information of members and visitors to the MHSA site, and it is up to members and visitors to determine the relevance of their content. It should not be inferred that the content of these linked sites has been endorsed by the Society.   The links are grouped into the following sections:

Australian Defence Force
Useful Links to Australian military research sources and service records
Other Military Historical Societies
Military Museums
Other miscellaneous sites

Australian Defence Force



Australian Army

This site provides an overview of the Australian Army, including information on its current structure and activities.  It also provides some details on army history and traditions with links to other sites including unit associations and army museums.

Army History Unit

The Army History Unit is responsible for developing policy and programs for the collection, conservation, interpretation and promotion of Army history. It also manages the Army's museum network.  This site includes a section that provides overviews of the various battles in which the Australian Army has been involved in its more than 100 year history and an image library which includes images from throughout the history of the Australian Army to the present day.

Royal Australian Navy

This site provides an overview of the Royal Australian Navy, including information on its current structure and activities.  It also provides some details on Navy history and provides links to other Defence sites, Naval associations and overseas navies.

Royal Australian Air Force

This site provides an overview of the Royal Australian Air Force, including information on its current organisational structure and activities.  It also provides some details on Air Force history and provides links to other Defence sites, Air Force Association and overseas air forces.

Useful Links to Australian military research sources and service records


Australian War Memorial

Includes collection databases, nominal rolls, overview of Australian military history, profiles of Australian military units, military encyclopaedia and photos.

National Archives -Defence Service Records

Provides details of the records held by the National Archives of Australian servicemen and women who served in the Defence forces from the Boer War through to Post-World War Two and how to access these.  Army World War One service records are now all available through their on-line RecordSearch service.

World War Two Nominal Roll

This site provides a 'snapshot' of individual service details of all those who served in the Australian forces during World War II, by displaying a range of information on each person, gathered from the detailed service records held by National Archives of Australia. This is an excellent family history and research resource.

Korean War Nominal Roll

The Nominal Roll of Australian Veterans of the Korean War honours and commemorates the men and women who served in the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force in Korea, or in the waters adjacent to Korea, during the conflict and after the ceasefire, between 27 June 1950 and 19 April 1956. This site contains information from the service records of more than 17,000 individuals who served during the Korean War.

Vietnam Nominal Roll

The Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans honours and commemorates the men and women who served in the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force in Vietnam, or in the waters adjacent to Vietnam, during the conflict between 23 May 1962 and 29 April 1975. The roll contains information from the Service records of more than 60,000 military members who served during the Vietnam War. You can seek information on these members using the Search function.

Leaders of Anzac

For almost a decade now, John Meyers and Bryn Dolan (who are members of the Gallipoli Association) have been researching the 492 officers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who died at Gallipoli in 1915. The results of their dedicated and amazing work can be seen at this website.

This website is an important resource for anyone interested in Australian and New Zealand service on Gallipoli. It includes the epitaphs of Gallipoli, headstone inscriptions for every Australian and New Zealand soldier with a known grave on the Gallipoli Peninsula. In addition, it includes an Anzacs discussion forum and a link to the 5th Light Horse Regiment site which includes a biographical listing of the 2,543 men who passed through the regiment during the Great War, 1914 - 1919 and the Regiment’s official history, by Wilson, L.C. and Wetherell, H: the History Of The Fifth Light Horse Regiment, 1914 - 1919.

The Australians at War

This website was created as a consequence of The Great Search. As part of the Centenary of Federation commemorations, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, in collaboration with ABC Radio, launched The Great Search, inviting veterans and their families to submit their wartime memorabilia. More than 1800 responses were received and these included photos, letters, diaries, reminiscences and family records. Many of these were drawn on for the “Australians at War” documentary series which was screened on ABC TV during the Centenary of Federation year. 43 of those stories were included in Simply Hell Let Loose (Department of Veterans' Affairs, which includes personal accounts and family records relating to the major conflicts in which Australians have served, from the Boer War to the Gulf War. They depict the efforts of men and women, service and medical personnel and civilians. Many others are included on this website. This site is well worth a look, and is a great adjunct to the book and television series. Visitors can add their own or a family member’s story, or they can select a conflict, scroll through the synopses and click on one of the many Australian stories of war.

Other Military Historical Societies


Geelong Military Re-enactment Group

The Geelong Military Re-enactment Group (GMRG), a sub group of the Military Historical Society of Australia - Geelong Branch (MHSA.GB), was formed in January 1994 to enable interested members of the MHSA-Geelong Branch to take a more active role in conveying Australian Military History to the public.

Re-enactment is the faithful re-creation by volunteer enthusiasts of historically interesting or significant events, with the objective of creating “Living History” for the viewer. This can take the form of static displays involving vehicles, equipment, ordinance and period uniforms, and or re-enactment that not only involves the display of this equipment but also the use of a battlefield scenario encompasses the use of all this equipment tying together to tell a story of the men and the battlefield.

Naval Historical Society of Australia

This site is dedicated to preserving and researching Australia’s naval heritage. It has lots of photos, stories and information about Australia’s naval history. The Society sells a number of naval related items, including Monographs, Books and CD's which are available for on-line ordering.

The Aviation Historical Society of Australia Inc.

 The Aviation Historical Society of Australia (AHSA) is a non-profit Incorporated Society. It is Australia’s sole organisation dedicated to recording our aviation past and to the encouraging research of this subject. The federal division is responsible for the publication of the quarterly journal, "Aviation Heritage" and the AHSA Newsletter. There are three state branches, Victoria, NSW and Queensland which are autonomous. There are members in all states of Australia plus 6 other countries. Membership of AHSA Inc. includes receiving Aviation Heritage, the national Newsletter, plus any other publication, which occurs from time to time.

New Zealand Military Historical Society

The Society was formed to foster the study of New Zealand Military History, defined as the History of Warfare in New Zealand and of New Zealanders at War. Its aims and objectives are to encourage research into history, traditions, uniforms, insignia, arms and all aspects of militaria relating to New Zealand.

Military Historical Society (UK)

The Military Historical Society was founded in 1948 for the advancement of the education of the public by the promotion of the study of the history of the uniformed services of the Crown, of uniforms, weapons, and all aspects of military history, and the dissemination of knowledge relating to such matters.

Victorian Military Society

The Victorian Military Society is an educational charity which promotes the study of military history – of all nations and races – in the period 1837 to 1914. Its journal “Soldiers of the Queen” publishes work by both professional and amateur historians as well as articles by academic researchers.

Began in 1974 as a simple news letter, produced by the founding members on a few sheets of A4, we have since grown to an international group with a glossy quarterly magazine of which the Society is justifiably proud.  We aim to bring previously unpublished or under researched material to the attention of a wider audience, together with making it available to present and future historians.

South African Military Historical Society

The South African Military History Society was formed in Johannesburg by a core group of amateur historians with the purpose of studying and promoting the studying of South African military history. Since that time, it has grown to a Society of approximately 500 members primarily located in three branches, namely Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, as well as members located throughout the world.

Orders and Medals Research Society (UK)

To promote and foster a general interest in the study of orders, decorations and medals and all matters related thereto.

The American Society of Military Insignia Collectors (ASMIC)

The ASMIC is the oldest and largest organisation of collectors of military insignia in the world. Founded in 1937 by a small group of enthusiasts and chartered as a non-profit organisation, today the Society is 'home' to more than 2,000 dedicated collectors in the United States and two dozen foreign countries. Whether you are a collector of military insignia or a student of heraldry or military history, whether an expert or a novice, membership in ASMIC has many advantages. Although the Society specialises in US insignia, foreign insignia are given some coverage in "The Trading Post," the Society’s quarterly journal. The Society also publishes the "Newsletter," which contains ads for commercial insignia-related books available to Society members at discounted prices, ads of insignia for sale or trade, and general news of the Society. The Society also has a number of catalogues available identifying shoulder sleeve insignia and metal crests (actually distinctive unit insignia). International membership dues are $45.00 U.S. (the Society accepts major credit cards), but extra for airmail.

American Civil War Roundtable of Australia - NSW Chapter

This group was constituted in its present form in 1999 following a number of meetings of a small group of people in Sydney with a common interest and fascination with America's Civil War.  It was part of an Australia wide group.

American Civil War Veterans Buried in Australia and New Zealand

This website is a dedication to the Australian Union and Confederate Veterans of the American Civil War of 1861 – 1865. It has been created from numerous sources, government documents, research libraries and hundreds of pieces of information emailed in and donated by individuals from all over Australia and the United States; and includes work by individuals in both the “Sons of Confederate Veterans”, the “Sons of Union Veterans”, the “American Civil War Round Table of Queensland” the “American Civil of Round Table of Australia”, the late Roy Parker and others.

Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company

The Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company is a public company and a volunteer not- for- profit organisation of members. The Company’s core purpose is: to promote the significance of Australia’s Artillery, its history and heritage

Military Museums


Australian War Memorial

Includes collection databases, nominal rolls, overview of Australian military history, profiles of Australian military units, military encyclopedia and photos.

Army Museum of Western Australia

The Army Museum of Western Australia collects, conserves, interprets and displays Western Australia's Army heritage and commemorates with integrity, the role of the Army in Western Australia, and West Australian's in the army. It is part of the Army Museums network managed through the Army History Unit.

Army Museum of South Australia

The Army Museum of South Australia  collects, restores, maintains, interprets and displays items of significance to the military history of South Australia. It is part of the Army Museums network managed through the Army History Unit.

Military Museum of Tasmania

The Military Museum of Tasmania is situated within Anglesea Barracks, Davey Street, Hobart. This Barracks precinct is recognized as one of Australia’s most significant historical military precincts and its appearance today is much as it was when the first buildings were constructed in 1814.

Royal Australian Air Force Museum

Web site of the RAAF Museum at Point Cook, Victoria

Maryborough Military & Colonial Museum

The Maryborough Military & Colonial Museum is run by long term MHSA member John Meyers and a large team of volunteers. It is acknowledged as one of the top community museums in Australia and is a 'must see' when visiting Queensland’s Fraser Coast. It is unique in that it strives to reflect our past, from pioneering to contemporary, gleaned from a local perspective. Displays range through the full spectrum of our military and colonial roots providing a vibrant and nostalgia laced insight into the joys, tribulations and sadness that confronted our pioneering, patriotic and hard-working forebears.

New Zealand Army Museum, Waiouru

This museum is a place where visitors can engage with real life soldiers' stories, discover New Zealand's military history, learn the campaigns of the NZ Army, and reflect on how conflict has shaped the nation of New Zealand.

Air Force Museum, New Zealand

Air Force Museum Christchurch, one of New Zealand's premier tourist attractions.

National Army Museum (UK)

The National Army Museum is the British Army's own museum. It is the only museum to tell the story of the Army as a whole from Agincourt in the Fifteenth Century to peace-keeping in the Twenty-first Century

Imperial War Museum, London

The Imperial War Museum is unique in its coverage of conflicts, especially those involving Britain and the Commonwealth, from the First World War to the present day. It seeks to provide for, and to encourage, the study and understanding of the history of modern war and ‘war-time experience’. It is proud to be regarded as one of the essential sights of London.

Royal Naval Museum

The only museum devoted to the ships of the Royal Navy and the men and women who served in them.

Royal Air Force Museum

Britain's only national air museum dedicated to aviation and has a total collection of well over two hundred aircraft; over a hundred full-size aircraft from all over the world are displayed under cover on the historic site of the original London Aerodrome.

Other miscellaneous sites


Digger History web site

A website containing unofficial history of Australian and New Zealand armed services

Families and Friends of the First AIF Inc

Families and Friends of the First AIF is a non-profit charitable organisation that celebrates and remembers the service, sacrifice, courage and suffering of the First Australian Imperial Force of the Great War 1914-1918 and of their families and friends.

Aircrew Book Review

A blog dedicated to reviewing RAF and Commonwealth Second World War books. 
Andy Wright has been an avid reader of aircrew memoirs from the Second World War for as long as he can remember. In the past few years he has concentrated on books about the members of the RAF and Commonwealth air forces. He still maintains an interest in the operations of the USAAF, USN Luftwaffe and Japanese forces but his heart lies with the Australian experience.

 He was a journalist in a past life and also ran his own online magazine. More recently, he has been writing reviews for ww2chat.com and Fighting High - Steve Darlow’s e-zine). Now he has created a blog which highlights his love of aircrew memoir through regularly posted reviews of what he has read. For Andy, each book is a pleasure to read (even the not-so-great ones) and he hopes to convey what each is like to read without giving the game away too much. He will be reviewing old and new titles (basically whatever takes his fancy at the time). Bookmark http://aircrewbookreview.blogspot.com for detailed, intelligent and very thoughtful reviews of aircrew memoirs.

The Spitfire Association

Secretary, Ray Hart
9 Buckinbah Place
Lilli Pilli, NSW, 2229
phone 02 9524 7997 for membership information

The Spitfire Association is dedicated to keeping alive the Spitfire tradition and members include those who flew or were associated with Spitfires during WWII. The Spitfire Association welcomes associate members who may not have a WWII Spitfire connection, but who are dedicated to keeping alive that tradition.

Rats of Tobruk Association, Victoria

National Membership Database and Website for All Members of the Rats of Tobruk Association to allow the basic details of these famous members of the RATS of TOBRUK Association, Inc, Victoria, to be viewable by their descendants and other interested friends of the RATS.

Books and Collectibles

Looking for that elusive military book? Books & Collectibles is an Australian book search site, with search and secure ordering facilities. Its facilities are easy to use, and although there are a number of overseas dealers linked to this service, the majority are Australian.

The Australian Heritage and Light Horse Troop

The Australian Heritage and Light Horse Troop (AHLHT) was formed on 7 July 1996 by members of Memorial Troops in Canberra, Murrumburrah-Harden and the surrounding region. It provides an umbrella organisation to support the activities of each of the participating regional Troops and individual members. Troops who currently make up the AHLHT include the following:

  • Canberra Troop (Canberra)
  • Murrumburrah Troop (Murrumburrah)
  • Mid-West (Orange)
  • K Troop (Sydney)

Lost Medals - Australia

Website dedicated to the return of lost medals


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